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INFINITY divided by ZERO


Couryielle Anneioux Phfaughbienne

Cruelty-Obsessed Undertaker-Reaping, Yokel-Injuring Enigma from the Legendary Lonely Earth

Get Your Monster Name

Who? Me?
I-I mean, hi there!~

Hello! My internet name is Couryielle and I suck at writing bios OTL. I'm 15 years old and I live in the Philippines.

I'm currently a Fourth Year High School student, an anime/manga enthusiast, fujoshi in denial , part-time cosplayer, and a full-time fangirl *trollface.jpg*

My current addiction obsession drug fandom is Axis Powers Hetalia, but I also love Kuroshitsuji, Nabari no Ou, Pandora Hearts, Code Geass, Rozen Maiden, etc etc etc GAH I can't even remember them all.

I also try to write some stuff too, and post them on my multi-works comm, bunneh_wabbits. Feel free to stop by, read, and comment whenever you want. I'm trying to up my writing skills, so the posts here are still... well... lame...

Thanks for stopping by! ^^


is my

is my

Mochi Germany
Is the World's Best Pet
and he is MINE!

Mochi Japan
Is the World's Best Pet
and he is MINE!