I have no idea how to write stuff like these anymore hahaha. My last entry was around the second week of June last year, so I suppose people (including me) have forgotten that I actually have a journal. LiveJournal accounts are not only just for commenting but also for pestering people with my day or something.

Actually I was planning to post some time during the semestral break, but then Hetaween and my Math 60 removal exams happened so I never got around to typing up anything. The website I'm most active on is my Tumblr, but since I'm on a self-induced hiatus right now, I'm having a bit of withdrawal, and so I find myself being drawn back to LJ.

A lot of other stuff have changed since my last entry. I mean, seven months isn't a very short time. I fell in love with Homestuck. If I didn't pass the removals, I would have failed a subject last sem and lost my scholarship as well as the chance top graduate on time. I was able to buy my own laptop using money from said scholarship and naturally it has 2GB dedicated to doujinshi. Whatever writing muse I had before had completely gone and left me behind (/SOBS INELEGANTLY). I lost my Dad to the greener pastures of Dubai (the only reason I ever go online on Facebook now is to see if he's online too). Um, what else uhm, yeah that's p much all I can think of at the moment. There's nothing much to say about my life right now, except MATH 63 IS AN EVEN MORE MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS THAN MATH 60 and HOPY SHITE IF I DON'T GET SHIT DONE FOR MY OTHER SUBJECTS THIS WEEKEND I AM A DEAD PERSON.


Hmm. I'm thinking of deleting all my icons and replacing them all with new ones, idk.

PS: Did I mention falling in love with Homestuck? Hard?

i c wat u did thar...

Happy Independence Day! Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan!

This post is both a day too early and a day too late.

A day too early because tomorrow is the Philippine National Independence Day. At dahil nangako akong magpopost lang ako ng Tagalog bilang pagdiwang nito, bahala na yung mga hindi Pilipino na mag-GoogleFU--- xD

Hay diyos ko, ang hirap palang magpurong Filipino gayong sanay na sanay akong magsalita ng Taglish. Pero kahit papaano kasi, talagang nag-iba ang tingin ko sa bansa ko nitong nakaraang taon. Ewan ko ba, basta bigla na lang dumoble, trumiple ang pagkamakabayan ko. Dati kasi wala akong pakialam kung anong lahi man ako. Wala ako talagang pakialam kung anuman ang mangyari sa Pilipinas, basta hindi ako direktang naaapektuhan. Pero ngayon, yung mga diskriminasyong napapansin ko at dati ko lang tinatawanan/binabale-wala, kingagalitan ko na. Yung isang entry sa Yes but No tungkol sa mga Pilipino? Ako nag-submit nun. Naaangkop lang na magkaroon ng puwesto sa blog kong ito ang mahal kong Pilipinas, lalo na't 100th Post ko pa naman 'to kaya mas espesyal.

Kaya ayun. Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan, Pilipinas!



Ok, back to English :D

This entry was a day late because as of yesterday, I stopped living at home in Parañaque and moved in to Quezon, where I'll be spending the next few months living in the Kalayaan Dorm!


It's funny how kalayaan can both mean "freedom" and "independence." Here, nobody bitches on me when I take a bath late at night, or if I stay up playing games on my phone (which was just bought yesterday, so I needed to explore it), or if my room's a little messy. But then, it also means I have to learn to wake up every morning by myself, to keep myself, my eccentricities, and my behaviour in check, to learn to organize my stuff on my own. Everything I've taken for granted, though not really terribly missed now since it's only my second day, will surely come back and bite me somehow.

The room is very nice, the utilities are good, and there's even a piano on the first floor which is a half note lower than usual but still in tune, The idea of living here for the next 4 or 5 months is very welcome. My dorm mate hasn't arrived yet, so I had to sleep alone last night. In the dark. In an unfamiliar room. In a haunted dormitory. Alone. It's not as bad as I thought, but it took me 2 hours to fall asleep and I woke up twice in the middle of the night xD

There's another orientation on Monday, probably the 8752304723057th one that I've been to just this year (not that I'm complaining), and the Freshmen Welcome Assembly on Tuesday. Typing cannot express excitement, because if I don't delete the keyboard smashes I made in this entry, it would fill up half xD

It's 8pm and I'm in an internet shop in the Shopping Center just a street corner from Kalai. I'm off to make dinner now, since our food service starts on Tuesday (I'm living on cups of instant noodles, packets of yakisoba, and cans of tuna paella). Now if I can only get a laptop...

Surprise, I'm actually alive!

Barely. I haven't made an entry in FOREVER. Never thought college application could be so darn time-consuming but hey, it's UP after all, so it'll all (hopefully) be worth it in the end :D

The Casa Summer Class ends this Friday, but I have to keep working until June 3. That's the only way for me to pay for my tuition and dorm fees. To think I thought I'd screw my job up as a teacher's assistant... I'm going to miss those kids a lot ;3; They give me cookies during recess and sit on my lap when it's time to sit on the blue line and ask me to get all sorts of stuffed toys from the shelves they couldn't reach and hug me when they enter and leave the classroom and aaaaaaaaaah ♥ I've never felt as loved as I have felt these past three weeks QAQ

Looking after 22 children with ages ranging from 2 to 6 can be tiring, but when I received my first pay yesterday, oh man, what is tiredness and self-control. I have never seen so much money before in my life. My heart has never beat that fast before EVER. Not even in the most romantic or scariest scene I've ever seen or experienced. Not even in those instances you suddenly wake up feeling like you just got dropped. The moment I got out the office door, I literally went

and then I bumped into someone and had to stop xD

Now I have enough money to pay for my dorm \o/

I have no idea how the UP Dorm system works. My online application has been waitlisted for the longest time, so I decided to fix that matter one day when I went to UP to appeal my STFAP bracket and submit my Form 137. When I got to the counter, I was thinking I had to write an appeal letter and produce all sorts of documentation, so first I asked if there was still any slots left in the Kalayaan Dorm (the dorm exclusive for freshmen). I was told to wait for my name to be called, so I sat in the lobby and polished off to days in The Decameron. After finding out that I'll have to wait a little while more, I took a jeep to the Office of the University Registrar first to submit my Form 137 then took another jeep back (that's how big and badass UP is). When I got to the counter again, the secretary suddenly held her hand up and high-five'd me and "Congratulations, YOU'RE IN!" and I was like O_O because I didn't even do anything.  \o/
I'm going back to UP this Monday afternoon to get the "Gone" piano sheet from disownmereturns hurdurr arrange my dorm papers and payments and LKASLKAJFKLJDSFLKJ THIS IS IT. THIS IS REALLY IT. I'M REALLY GOING TO COLLEGE AND GOING TO LIVE AWAY FROM MY PARENTS AND AAAAAAAAAAAAAH /heart burn


Some meme stolen from midori_lover:

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.
She gave me the letter H. This is actually a little challenging since I can only think of Hatafutte Parade lol
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I cried. I really cried.

Not because the wedding was touching or glorious or anything like that (It was, though. Every moment of it was absolutely precious :>). It was because I FUCKING MISSED IT. AFTER BEGGING MY MOM TO SWITCH PHONES WITH ME SO I CAN WATCH IT ON HER CELLPHONE TV, THEN SNEAKING PEEKS DURING WORK, AND PATIENTLY PUTTING UP WITH THE CHOPPY RECEPTION, IT HAD TO DIE JUST WHEN PRINCESS CATHERINE WAS WALKING OUT THE CAR. By the time the I got home from the 1-hour ride from Manila to Parañaque, they were marching out of the church already. I HAD TO BE GONE THAT ONE ENTIRE HOUR I'VE BEEN PREPARING FOR AND EXPECTING ALL DAY щ(ಥДಥщ)


I can't understand why it should even affect me this much. I'm not even a tiny inkling bit British in any way. Guess it's just this strong attraction once-in-a-lifetime events have on me, and the fact that I FREAKING LOVE ENGLAND. This is Hetalia-unrelated love, I've always love their culture, their history, their... Englishness. And I've always loved watching History in the making even before Hetalia. Proof? I waited 7 hours in line just to view our late former President Corazon Aquino last year, just because.

At least I made it in before the Royal kiss~ I'm actually watching the rebroadcast right now so I feel a little better, but yeah, never the same as watching it live :U

Yes, this deserved an entry.

I am one great big rolling ball of happyness

So, I graduated from high school this Friday.

Apparently, I made the audience cry with my speech. Why... does that make me feel happy ;u; /shot

I received 15 fricking medals on this one Graduation. Normally, that's 2 or 3 years worth of medals. My neck ached like China's spine, but somehow, that made me feel happy too ;u; /doubleshot

I'm gonna have to work my debt off to the school by working there this summer. Since I'm already a high school graduate, maybe I could start looking for other jobs too? This, of course makes me feel unreasonably happy as well ;u; /tripleshot

Pointless post is pointless and it's 2:40 in the morning and there's only 3 minutes of laptop battery left so /snorez
wai u do dat?


And he's usually so very stingy when it came to internet stuff *u*
I can't compreheeeeeeend

Also, SUPER DUPER UBER MANY THANKS to disownmereturns  for her awesome gift. I still can't get over *u* just... AAAAAH MARAMING SALAMAT TALAGA <3 and yes, you should totally write that GerIta continuation xD

Yesterday, I stayed out ALL DAY. Saturday was a work day, so I was at school until noon, and Miss G, in celebration of her overtime, ordered 2 boxes of pizza and invited me to join her. I had 2 slices. After that, I walked to PureGold and bought me a bag of Cheezy, Choko-choko (coz I'm a derp like that), and apple tea, and lurked in National Book Store before going to an internet shop. When I got home, it was already 1 in the morning. My family was bitter at me :( Like my brother said:

"whole day ka daw wla sa bday mo. ngaun tapos na daw bday mo wla ka padin" (You were gone the whole day on your birthday. Now, your birthday is over and you're still not here)
Needless to say, I felt like the biggest douchebag in the world. Suddenly, I felt like I deserved all the internet hate I received for unintentional spamming. But, as always, they got over it in a day and now we have carbonara and lumpiang shanghai and chicken to celebrate my belated birthday. Maybe I should feel guilt-stricken that they are so frickin lenient on me, but I have 10 minutes of internet time left so...
I almost lost mine over it.
I'm so mean and hellbound for linking this.

 Eh, I haven't done this meme in a long time.
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Eh, I got tagged?

Some meme disownmereturns tagged me in :3

1) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
2) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

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Random finger landing results:
Anybody else who wants to steal?
In other news, my bullcrap of a thesis is almost done, just need a decent title, intro, and conclusion *q*
Oh how I missed pulling all-nighters for schoolwork...

So there's a fire raging down the street

(Posted from LJ Talk. Copy-pasted from my BlogSpot. No time to translate, Mom's forcing me out.)

I was Facebooking and Tumblring peacefully tonight when suddenly, biglang sabi ni Tita from the outside: "Hala, may sunog!" When I pulled the curtain back (the computer was near a window facing the street), sure enough, the sky was swirling with a thick column of glowing smoke, with bits of flaming scrap raining down from the sky. Forgive me for being insensitive, but my very first thought was: it's so beautiful.

Being a typical usyuserang Pinay, siyempre I dashed outside the house ng nakasando lang and wow, I've never seen hell before but it looked stupefying right there and then. That was when bigla kong naisip that some of my friends could be burning there in that stupefying hell right now, and sure enough, a few minutes later, I see my childhood best friend come down the street sobbing. I immediately rushed to hug her and ayun, lahat daw ng ipinundar nila, lahat ng possessions nila, andun, going up in flames. Ang sabi ko na lang, at least ligtas sila ng mama and little sister niya. Nasusunog na kasi yung bubong nila, tulog pa sila. Kung wala lang sumigaw ng sunog, siguro tostado na rin sila roon. Nasusunog na yung bubong nila, tulog pa sila. I never thought something so tragic could be happening so near, and almost claimed someone so dear...

I lent her my slippers since naka-paa lang siya, so I instead had to go barefoot as my brother and I got as close to the scene as possible (of course :D). I missed strolling barefoot, lalo na because the road got slimier as we went nearer (siyempre, tubig from the fire trucks). As we walked back up naman, the dusty ground dried my feet off. Siguro, more than just the nostalgia of going around on foot, I did it to commiserate with the people? I don't think may classes tomorrow sa school sa tapat ng bahay namin, since it looks like an evacuation center already.

Between 9:30 and 10 PM, around two hours after the fire started, naapula na yung apoy, but now there are throngs of homeless people out in the streets. Mommy thought of adopting a family for a night, but Tita spoke against it. Hindi raw naman kasi namin sila kilala, and you can never tell if they'd be decent, grateful guests, thieves, or long-time freeloaders. Over-all, we're just thankful the fire didn't reach us (the wind was blowing in our direction nung malakas pa yung apoy O_O), but still, being so near such a disaster, seeing everybody crying and ambling away carrying what they could save, ALMOST LOSING MY BEST FRIEND, brought a sort of catharsis to me. I'm not kidding, only a freak accident or a lobotomy could make me forget this night.

PS: Inuwi-uwi ko pa yung English book and notebook ko, di rin naman pala ako makakagawa ng assignment. Oh well.